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Over the past six years, I’ve evaluated hundreds of thousands of apps as part of MDM Deals, and I’ve been overwhelmed by one abundant realization: indie app developers who are stunningly brilliant at writing the code of their app often make stupid decisions about the business of their app. Sometimes even thinking that there is no business of their app. As a result, coding become a side project, a hobby, or a time and money pit instead of a business that enables your life goals.

I’m MarkDMill. I love apps, I love technology, and I love business. I’ve started Catalyst Tech Studio to help bridge the gap I so often see between developing an app’s code and developing an app’s business. With years of business and entrepreneurial experience, coupled with a teacher’s training and award-winning communication skills, I’m excited to help you turn your code, not into an app, but into a successful business that fuels your lifestyle and accomplishes your dreams.

Catalyst Tech Studio’s Services

Copy Editing & Proof Reading
  • /hour
  • Make sure your App Store description will convert viewers into downloaders. We’ll check your screenshots, video, description, and more to make sure your marketing copy is the best it can be, and especially adapted to the most profitable English-speaking US market.
Product Design Consulting
  • /hour
  • Make sure the design of your product–how it works, not just how it looks–is fine-tuned to be the best it possibly can be. Turn downloaders into users and lifeline fans through quality design. Bring us in at any stage–alpha, beta, published–to make sure your product is intuitive, easy to use, and beautiful.
  • Note: this service also includes Copy Editing & Proof Reading!
Strategy & Market Consulting
  • /hour
  • Turn your idea or app into a full-fledged business that achieves your goals. We’ll analyze your product, its business plan, it’s market and competitors to find ways to get more customers and increase your profits, guaranteed.
  • Note: this service also includes Product Design Consulting, Copy Editing, & Proof Reading!
  • /analysis
  • Get a complete analysis of your product’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as your market’s opportunities and threats. You’ll get invaluable insights, guaranteed.